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Getting Started with Inventory

The Inventory of a pharmacy comprises of assets, which are all items that eventually lead to sales and profitability or loss; depending on how the inventory of the pharmacy is managed. Inventory management and control are vital in a pharmacy and it is important to have a good inventory management system in place. With the introduction and popularity of EMRs and EHRs, digitally managing inventory has become easier and effective as most EMRs and EHRs consists of an Inventory management tool within it.

Clinicea takes pride in providing its clients with a very sophisticated inventory management module.

Here is a set of FAQ’s on how to use the inventory management Module within Clinicea.

How to add an Inventory Item

How to setup Inventory Alerts

How to configure Batching for an Inventory

How to increase stock of an inventory item where batching is not required

How to set the Selling Price of an Inventory Item where batching is not enabled

How to manage Batches for Inventory

How to setup an Inventory that is bought in packs but dispensed in smaller units

How to add Generics to an Inventory item

How to compute Commission for Sale of Inventory

What should be the Reorder level and how does it help

Can Quantity on Hand (QOH) be negative

How to set the Tax rate in Inventory

How to set Categories for an Inventory

How to handle Consumables when completing a Service

How to create an Immunization Item

How to use a Barcode scanner for Products

How to do a stock-take

How to generate a purchase order

How to view changes in history of an inventory item


How to setup Inventory Authorisation


How to Transfer Stock between Clinics in a Clinic Chain

How to update Inventory across Multiple Clinics

Updated on: 23/06/2023

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