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How to configure Batching for an Inventory

Pharmaceutical Products need to maintain their batch number and associated expiry dates for dispensing through the Pharmacy. For such products you can enable batching as follows:

1. Go to Inventory | Search or Select an Inventory Item and click to open.

2. Go to Inventory Details | Switch ON Maintain Incoming Stock By Batch No | Configure batching by selecting the type of batching from the drop-down menu of Dispense outgoing stock by | Save.

Based on the dispensing option you select for this Inventory item, at the time of billing, the batch can get auto-selected with ‘0’ clicks. There are 4 dispensing options for Inventory Items that support batching.

FIFO – Bill will auto select the oldest batch when you add an inventory item to the bill. So if there are 2 batches of this stock once that came in Jan, the other in Feb, the batch from Jan will be picked.

LIFO – Bill will auto select the latest batch when you add an inventory item to the bill. Similarly, the batch in Feb will be picked.

Manual – At the time of Billing the pharmacist will manually select the batch. This approach has the maximum control but no automation as everything is manual.

Expiry – At the time of billing, upon selecting the inventory which is set to be dispensed as per expiry date, inventory expiring first will be billed first.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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