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How to setup a Membership Plans for your Clinic

Clinicea helps you to set up a comprehensive Membership Program for your Clinic. It helps you define various levels of Membership, Enroll Patients in it, and encourage them to spend by giving them additional incentives based on the Membership Level they have been enrolled in. There is also the option for automatic upgrades.

Let us assume that you want to set up a Membership Level Ex: Gold for your Clinic. To be a Gold Member, 3000 points need to be accumulated over 2 months.

Let us have a look at how to setup a Membership Level for your Clinic:

1. Go to Tools | Promotions, click on Membership Level box**.**

2. A Membership Level window will open. Click on +Add New

3. Enter the Name of the Membership Level.

Ex: Gold in the Membership Level Name Textbox.

4. Next select the Membership Color. A “star symbol” with the desired color will appear where ever the patient name appears in Clinicea.

5. Enter Number of Points you wish to set up to attain the Membership Level.

Ex: 3000.


6. Enter the number which will be multiplied with Service Purchased in the Multiplier for Service and Multiplier for Product. Let us assume that a Gold Member purchases Rs. 1000 Initial Consultation Service and Rs. 10000 Products from your Clinic. Based on the Membership Level, you can set up a Multiplier for Service and Product. Higher the Membership Level, the more Points the Member will get.

For Example: For every Re.1 spent, the Patient gets 100 points. So, if Multiplier For Service is 1.2 for Gold Member, Patient will get 0.2 x 100 x 1000 =20,000 points for Rs. 1000 spent. Similarly, if Multiplier For Inventory is 1.1 for Gold Member, Patient will get 0.4 x 100 x 10,000 =40,000 points for Rs. 10,000 spent. If the Gold Member has 3000 Points, after purchasing Rs. 1000 Initial Consultation Service and Rs. 10,000 Inventory, his Point becomes 3000 + 20,000+ 40,000 =63,000.

7. You can also offer special pricing to your members, in addition to the points they earn. Just link the membership plan to a financial policy. Of course for it to work, you need to first create such a financial policy.

8. In case you want the Points to auto to expire after a stipulated period, you can set it up here. If you leave the expiry period blank, the points will be valid as long as they are not redeemed. Click the save button and you are done. The new Membership Level has been added to your Membership Level list.

9. If you want to Delete a Membership Level, simply click on the Delete Button beside the Membership Level name.

10. You will be able to see this membership “Star Symbol” against the name of the patient in different pages in clinicea. Different colors for different Memberships.If there is no star against a patient name, then the patient is not part of any membership.

Note: You can now set the Default Membership Level for Patients: Example: If you have 2 levels of Patient Memberships, namely Gold and Premium. Premium being the most economical and popular amongst Patients, you can set the default level of Membership to Premium. (To know more details click on [How to set up Preferences in Financials](

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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