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How to create a Payment Term to be used for Package

Sometimes buying a package outright can be expensive for your Patients. You can now offer them the option to pay for Packages in installments. You can tailor the instalment scheme for each package, or use a common corporate policy. All of this is possible by the feature “Payment Terms” in Clinicea. Let us see how to use:

1. Go to Tools | Payment Terms | Add new.

2. The Payment Term Details page will open. Enter the Payment Term name. For example, Easy Payment 3.

3. Select the number of installments in which the payment has to be made. For example, 3.

Now, for each installment, enter the percentage of bill total that needs to be paid and the number days when the payment has to be made from the date of invoice.

4. Click on Save. The payment term gets added to the list.

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Updated on: 15/06/2023

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