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How to setup Discount Authorisation

In Clinicea you can set a threshold value which limits the discount a Staff Member can give on a bill item. Any discount above the threshold value will be auto-sent for Approval. Approvals can be given by the person who has been given the authority to decide on such matters. Let us see how to activate Discount Authorisation.

STEP I: Switch on the preference that requires Authorisation to come into effect for discounted above a certain threshold.

Go to Tools | Organization.

Select your Organization to open it.

Open Preferences | Financial.

Switch on Stock Voucher needs Authorisation and enter a threshold discount value in the box just below it.

STEP II: Give the concerned person who will be approving the discount, Permission for Discount Authorisation.

Go to Tools | Permissions.

Select the Role of the concerned person in Point 1.

Then in Point 2, under Finance and Inventory tick the Discount Authorisations check box.

That is it. Now any discount on a bill item which is above the percentage set will have to go for approval under Financials | More Options | Authorisation. It can be then approved by the Staff who has been given the above permission.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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