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How to make an Appointment for a Patient who is on a Package

Appointments for Patients on a Package can be made following the steps below:

1. Go to Calendar | click on a Time Slot, a new Appointment Details window will open.

2. In Appointment Details, search and select the Patient or click on the + button to add a new patient.

3. Once the patient is selected, click on Select Services | Bill Items will open. Under Bill Items the patient package details will show that are pending. For example, Package Name, Total Items in package and Services Pending. Select an individual package item by clicking on the +button beside it and Save.

4. To view the entire contents of the package, click on the 3 beside the Package name and then select _View All._

5. This will list out all the services/products which are part of the Package. To make things simpler, by default you get to see only the services/products that are pending completion, by default.

6. An appointment will show on the Calendar screen along with the service item from the subscribed package. As you can see you can easily identify that the appointment is part of a package as it has a ‘**P**‘ icon on it_. (To understand more on Appointment Icons, click [here](

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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