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Can Quantity on Hand (QOH) be negative

Yes, Quantity On Hand can be negative.

It does happen sometimes that the Clinicea may show the quantity of an inventory item as 0, however, you may still find some of that inventory item on your shelves in the Pharmacy. This is typically the case when an error has been made by your Stock Manager in updating inventory when the stock came in from the distributor.

In such a situation, to stop you from Billing that stock on your shelf would be a loss of revenue. At Clinicea, we have ensured such common human errors, do not end up costing the Clinic. As such we allow you to proceed to the billing of that inventory item, even though the Stock is appearing as 0. To the extent billed, the quantity goes in negative.

To check if the quantity on hand is negative:

1. Go to Inventory.

2. Search for an Inventory Item from Inventory List and a negative numeric value beside the inventory item will indicate that the quantity in hand is negative.

For example, Quantity on Hand for Sell INV is negative, therefore, it is shown as -22 and that of 1% Predex is -14.

3. Quantity on Hand that is negative can be changed once an adequate stock has been supplied and updated. To update quantity on hand, simply click on + button to add the new amount of incoming stock.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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