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How to transfer Stock between Clinics in a Clinic Chain

When running a clinic chain, you may need to transfer stock between clinics.

You can do this in 2 ways:

1. A simple 1-click transfer, where the sender clinic’s stock is auto deducted on dispatch, and the receiving Clinic’s stock is increased instantly. OR;

2. Setup a 2 step process where the sender clinic’s stock is auto deducted on dispatch, however, the receiving Clinic’s stock is increased only after they verify and accept the stock sent to them.

Example: “Bella Clinics ” is transferring some inventory items to another of their branches” DC Clinic”.
a. Go to Inventory | Order Stock.
b. Go to Details on the left-hand side | Set Ordered By Ex: DC Clinic and Supplied By Ex: Bella Clinics.

c. Provide a Reference No:- this is challan or voucher no: of the associated paperwork that would be accompanied by the dispatch of the stock Ex: 8623.
d. Search and add each item by Clicking on +Add Items Manually.
Search Voucher Item list opens on the right. Click the + button next to the items you want to add. Ex: 1% Predex and 2ml Syringes with needles.

e. Once the item is added manually type in # No. of Packs that needs to be transferred.
Once done this is how the voucher should look like.

f. Click SAVE. Once Saved Bella Clinics will have its stock reduced and DC Clinic will have an increase of the stock. These changes to the inventory will happen immediately. If however, you want the Receiving Clinic to manually approve incoming stock after physical verification, this can also be set up through Inventory Authorisation.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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