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How to setup Inventory Authorisation

When you receive a stock from a vendor or from a different branch that is part of your clinic chain, you may want to set up a 2 level check, where the Clinic’s stock is increased only after someone physically verifies the stock being received. This is useful to ensure if there is damage to stock in transit, or if a partial delivery is taken, then there is a check and balance at the Clinic so that stock numbers are not inflated.

STEP I: Switch on the preference that requires incoming inventory to be authorized before stock increases.

Go to Tools | Organization.

Select your Organization to open it.

Open Preferences | Financial.

Switch on Stock Voucher Needs Authorisation.

STEP II: Give the concerned person who will be approving the incoming stock, Permission for Inventory Authorisation. To provide Permission for Inventory Authorisation,

Go to Tools | Permissions.

Select the Role of the concerned person on your right in Point 1.

Then under Point 2, under Finance and Inventory switch on the Inventory Authorizations.

That is it. Now every time new stock comes into your Clinic, it will go for approval under Financials | More Options | Authorisation. It can be then approved by the Staff who has been given the permission above.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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