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How to View the History of Changes in an Inventory Item

Clinicea will allow you to see the complete list of changes that anyone has made to the Inventory Details.

Let us take an example where an inventory item is already saved by the name Crocin 500. The Quantity on Hand value is currently set to 250. We will increase this and then see how you can view the History of the changes made.

1. Go to Inventory | Search and open Crocin 500 and open the Inventory Details. Now let us increase the value of Quantity on Hand from 250 to 300. Then we Save it.

2. Now if you re-open the inventory, you can see the changes made to this inventory. Just click on the history icon beside the Unit Quantity on Hand field. The Inventory History flyout opens on the right. It provides you with a detailed information on who made what changes and when.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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