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How to add Generics to an Inventory Item

Clinicea gives you the option to add single or multiple generics to an Inventory item. Then while prescribing, you can search for the Inventory item i.e. drug by its generic name.

There are two options to add generics to a drug, from Tools and the Patient Chart. Let us have both options.

Option 1: From Inventory

1. Go to Inventory | select and Inventory item and click to open, Example: Crocin.

2. Inventory Details | scroll down to Generics | Click to select the Generic, a Search Generic item slider will open. Type in the Generic name and Search. Example: Paracetamol.

3. Now click on the +button beside Paracetamol to add as generic.

4. You can add multiple generics by following the same process. Example, Aspirin.
If you want to delete any one of the generics added, click on the Delete icon, example: Aspirin | Save.

Option 2: From Patient Chart

1. Open up the Patient Chart | scroll to the Treatment section.
2. Now click on the Treatment+ | Add Treatment slider will open | Search/ select the drug and click on the edit button. Example: Crocin

3. Inventory Details window will open | Click to select the Generic and follow the same process explained option 1 point 2.

If you add drug protocols (for more info, please have a look at How to set up your favorite Drug Protocols in EMR) to the Rx, you can search by generic names too.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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