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How to increase Stock of an Inventory Item where batching is not required

Part A: Increase Stock of an Inventory Item where batching is not required.

This is applicable only for those inventory items, where batching is not required.

1. Go to Inventory | Inventory List.

2. Select an Inventory Item from the Inventory List, ex:Saridon | now click on the green + button beside the Inventory Item.

An Increase Stock window will open | add stock by typing in Increase Unit Quantity by, ex: type in the value 10 | Save.

The stock will then increase by 100 in quantity.

Part B: Past Dated Stock Adjustments

You can also make Past Dated stock adjustments from here.

For example: Let us assume, you had received 200 strips of Saridon, two months ago. When the stock was being added, you entered the wrong quantity i.e. 100 by mistake. Today, you found the remaining 100 strips and realized the mistake. You now need to make past dated stock adjustments for the remaining strips.

Let us have a look at how to make a Past Dated Stock adjustment.

1. Inventory List, ex: Saridon | + button | Increase Stock | Transaction Date, click on the calendar icon to change the date.

2. Enter the Transaction Date you had received the stock by typing in or select the date, by clicking on the Calendar icon, ex: 18-Jan-2018 | Increase Unit Quantity by, ex: 100 | Save.

3. Done! You have made the past dated stock adjustment.

Similarly, you can click on the – (minus) button, in case you want to reduce stock**. If Batching is enabled for the Inventory, then you need to provide Batch details too. You can backdate the stock decrease.**

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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