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How to manage Batches for Inventory

If you maintain Batches for Inventory, here is how you can manage them on Clinicea. You can add a Batch, Edit it or Delete it. Let us have a look at how:

How to add a Batch for an Inventory item: Example: Saridon.

1. Go to Inventory, click on Sarido_n_ to open.

2. Inventory Details | Scroll down to Unit Quantity on Hand and click on the number highlighted in blue i.e. 200. Batch List slider will open on the right-hand side | click on the +button beside Search.

3. A Batch window will open, enter Batch Data:
Batch No: Example 152
Expiry: Example July 2021.
Unit QOH: Example, you add 50 units to the current stock.
Tax: add a tax if required to, by selecting from the drop-down list. Example: GST 7%
Unit Buying Price: Example, enter $.3 as the cost price.
Unit Selling Price: Example, enter $.45 as the selling price.

Once you have entered all relevant details, click on Save. Done! You have added a new batch to an inventory item.

4. And this is how the newly added batch appears on the details page once you click on the quantity to view the number of batches.

How to edit a Batch
If you have entered the wrong quantity or pricing for a given Batch and you can make changes to it and update with the correct details.

Please note that the Batch # and Expiry date cannot be edited once a batch is saved.

1. Batch List | select a Batch you want to edit and click on the Edit Batch beside the batch name. _Example, Batch SAR365.

2. The Batch window will open once again (as seen in the image for point 3 above of how to add a Batch for an Inventory item). Make edits to the Batch Details and Save.

How to Delete a Batch

1. Batch List | select a Batch you want to delete and click on the delete button beside the batch name. Example: batch 152.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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