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Getting Started with Curofic

For over 1 year we have studied the best Online Booking Services from across the globe, to understand the benefit each offers, as well as the limitations of such systems. We have religiously studied each and every public forum for such services, covering over 80,000 comments from users across the globe. Based on that we made a wishlist of all things a Clinic and a Patient will ever need from an Online Booking Service. Let’s cover the major highlights:

Super Fast Experience for Patients across all mobile devices,Tablets, Macbooks, Windows, Surface Pro’s and more – DONE!

Integrated to Payment Gateways, and auto billing, with smart cancellation policies – DONE!

Integration with Existing Websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, Google Maps – DONE!

Up the Marketing Quotient, and promote the Doctor and Clinics, with bio’s, introductions, face pics and more – DONE!

Make the Patient fall in love with monthly view stretching as far as 6 months but as detailed as availability by morning, afternoon or evening, along with an option to quickly glance at week view – like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – DONE!

High Density Enabling Features – to funnel in all appointments to fill one part of the day before making available the next session of your day. Maximizes every hour of your day – DONE!

Hide Clinic busy-ness by displaying only limited availability even if that may not be the case ? – DONE!

Local Support for ID’s such as NRIC in Singapore, Aadhar in India, or Medicare in Australia and on and on – DONE!

Plug and play features with existing Google Analytics of your website – DONE!

Personalized links for bookings against specific Physicians, Service Categories, or specific specific Clinic Chain Circles – DONE!

I am beginning to run out of breath, in short we have built the Best and by far the Easiest Online Booking Service for Clinics – this is what those of you who signed up in the past 3 months have been saying – Thank you for the feedback :). If you have not signed up already, contact Support and ask for a free trial of the Curofic Platform, as it is now available for Trials for all regions. Also check out

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Updated on: 23/06/2023

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