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How to add Google Analytics tracking for Curofic

**Add Google Analytics tracking to Curofic**

Google Analytics provides a free method of gathering information about visitors to websites.

As Curofic is web-based, you can use Google Analytics to capture information whenever the website is accessed or the online booking process is used.

Note: Curofic is simple but Google Analytics requires a little technical ability. They also change their interface often.

**Create a Google Analytics account**

The first step is to set up Google Analytics to track your Curofic booking activity followed by the Curofic set up.

Head to Google Analytics and click Access Google Analytics

Click Sign up to create a new account

From the What you would like to track? option select ‘Website’

Add an account name (e.g., Your business name)

Add a website name (e.g., Curofic online booking)

Set the website URL to:

Select the relevant industry category, reporting time zone (i.e., your time zone) and preferred data sharing options (or leave as default)

Click the Get Tracking ID button and accept Google’s Terms of Service (TOS)

Copy the tracking ID (e.g., UA-XXXXXXXX-1) from the top of the tracking info page

Click the Save button

Note: “Universal Analytics” is now the default option for all new accounts as Google is phasing out Classic Analytics, for more information check out their developer resources on transitioning to Universal Analytics here:

**Adding Google Analytics to Curofic**

Log into Clinicea

Go to Tools | Organization | Select your Organization | Scroll down to Online Appointment Booking Preferences | ntegrations | Google Analytics

Add Your account ID/tracking ID in the field provided

Click Save to update.

That’s it!

Note: Google analytics can take up to 24 hours before the reports start showing any activity so check back the following day. You can also head back to the tracking info page at Google analytics in a few hours to see if Google has verified your tracking code!

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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