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How to manage Patient Queues in Calendar

Clinicea can help you manage Patients from the time they walk in till you check them out. The flow is that patients moves from Scheduled to Confirmed – the patient has assured he/she will come, to Waiting – the patient has arrived, to Engaged – the patient is with the Practitioner, and finally Check out. The patient can be made to go from Scheduled to Check out directly. Besides these, there are alternate flows too, i.e. Cancelled – appointment has been canceled and No Show – Patient did not turn up.

Let’s go through the flow with an example. An Appointment has been scheduled for a patient. On the previous day of the appointment the clinic had called the patient and he has confirmed that he will come for the appointment. On the appointment date, the Patient walks into the clinic a few minutes before the scheduled time. 

Go to Calendar, check scheduled Appointments for the day. You can see there is an appointment scheduled for today. So the status is Scheduled.

2. OPTIONAL: Let’s say, as per clinic policy, you call up each patient a day before their appointment to confirm it. Once they do confirm, click on the drop-down menu beside the Patient name on the extreme left of the page and change appointment status from Scheduled to Confirmed.

Once this status is changed, the bar color beside the patient appointment becomes dark blue as an indicator that this appointment is Confirmed.

3. When the patient arrives at the clinic the status should change to Waiting. Alternatively had you billed the patient, then also status would auto change to Waiting.

4. The Doctor starts consultation with the Patient by clicking on the Open Medical Record icon. Appointment status auto changes to Engaged.  The color bar beside the Patient name changes to Red.

5. Once Consultation is completed, Practitionerr clicks on Checkout in the Patient’s Chart.

Appointment status auto changes to Check Out, the Service will also be Marked as Complete automatically**.**  The color bar beside the Patient name also changes to Green.

6. Alternatively, if the patient does not turn up, you can change Status to No Show, color bar changes to Black. 

7. If for some reason you need to cancel the appointment, change status to Cancelled, color bar changes to Gray.

Updated on: 20/06/2023

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