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📺 How to schedule the Patients next Appointment

After a Consultation is complete, the Patient may come back to the front desk to schedule the next Appointment. This can be done in a very simple way using Clinicea.

Go to Calendar | Click on the Next Appointment icon under Patient Name, in the scheduled Appointment list on the extreme left of the page.

2. The Next Appointment window will open | Enter a Date, the scheduler changes to the date you have selected.

3. Click on Time Slot the Patient has requested for. An Appointment window will open up along with a Bill Items fly out on the right side of the screen. The Appointment window will be pre-filled with the Patient information.

4. The Bill Items fly out will have a list of all Pending items of the Patient. The ones with a (+) Button indicate that these Services are still due and no Appointment is scheduled for those Services as yet.

By clicking on the (+) button on any Service or Services they will get added to the Appointment | Click Save | Appointment gets generated.

5. If the Next Appointment needs to be created for any other Service or Package you can click on the different tabs on the Bill Items fly out and add any Service or Package item while trying to schedule Next Appointment for the Patient.

6. If required, you can also print the list of future appointments of the patient. After clicking on the Next Appointment button, just scroll below and you will find all appointments of the Patient, that is yet to take place. You can print this list.

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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