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How to setup Curofic, the Online Appointment Booking Service

The Online appointment booking allows your patients to book appointments against Physicians via your website.

1. Enable Online Bookings for your Organisation

Go to Tools | Select Organisation | Preferences | Online Bookings and select Enable Online Appointment Booking.

Make sure you also upload a Clinic Logo as well as mention the Clinic’s complete address, contact details, a short Clinic description _(ex: something along the lines of the problem the Clinic solves best)_*, website, social media pages, and the clinic business hours. It will make your booking page look much more credible to the online visitor.**

Also if you have predetermined public holidays your clinic annually follows, do remember to set the Holidays up. You do not want to be receiving appointments on 25th December, if you are closed for Christmas.

2. Enable Services to be booked Online
You may have an extensive list of services. You can select which of these will be available for online appointment booking.

Go to Tools | Services | Select the service and check on Available for Online Appointment Booking.

Make sure you also fill out the Service Description. It will increase your service booking rate by online visitors.

Similarly if you do not want some services to appear on your Online Booking Page, check OFF Available for Online Appointment Booking.

3. Select which Staff will accept Online Bookings
You may want to control which of your team members should take on online appointment booking. This is how you do it.

Go to Tools | Staff | My Preferences | Select takes appointment and check on Enable Online Appointment Booking.

Also setup the roster of the Staff who will take in bookings.

Make sure you also fill out the Staff Bio and upload a smiling Face Pic for each of the Staff who will take Online Bookings. Those with bio’s and a face picture tend to receive much higher number of online bookings, as compared to those who do not.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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