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How to let the Calendar know of your Availability

You can set up your working hours in the Clinic. This can then be viewed from the Calendar screen itself. This feature allows the clinic to make important scheduling and operational decisions based on the availability of staff force, simply by looking at the Calendar screen. The process has been explained below.

1. Go to Tools | Staff | Select a staff and the Staff Details window will open. Scroll down to find Belongs to organization and select one**.** This will be the main organization to which the staff belongs.

2. The staff may need to select more than one organization or clinic circle if he works at multiple clinics. This can be done under Select which other organization staff can work in. Select Staff/ Circle/ All clinics as necessary and search for the desired name and add it.

3. Now scroll to the bottom of the page to Roster Settings and click to open.

4. A Roster window will open.

Select clinic to set the roster– This option helps to choose the name of the clinic for which the roster has to be set.

Staff roster- In the Roster table given below this option, click on Available option to make it Unavailable if desired for a particular day. Enter the available start and end times as well as the break start and end times as desired.

Click on Save once done. Thus weekly Rosters can be set for different clinics.

5. In case the staff needs to maintain a fortnight roster besides weekly roster, it can also be done right here. Select Fortnightly from the dropdown beside Staff roster. Then select the start and end dates of the fortnight cycle that you are currently working, from the drop-down. Other settings are same as that of the weekly roster. Click Save to activate.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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