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📺 How to make an Appointment in Calendar

How to Create an Appointment

How to Create an Appointment for a New Patient

In order to make an Appointment in Calendar

Go to Calendar and click on an available time slot.

2. An Appointment window will open. Search and Select a Patient.

3. By clicking on the patient’s name you can see the complete history of the Patient, including appointment, communication, financial and if you have the permission, then even the medical data.

4. For booking an Appointment with a Practitioner, select the Practitioner from the Drop-Down menu under Practitioner | Save.

5. An Appointment can also be made against a Resource. For example: Bed 4. You may or may not assign a Practitioner, to make these kinds of Appointments.
Instead of selecting a Practitioner you can select the type of Resource from the Drop-Down menu. For example: _Bed 4_   | Save.

Note: Direct Billing from the Calendar can be used, only when a Practitioner is assigned to an Appointment.

Additionally, you can schedule an Appointment against both a Practitioner and Resource.

6. Once Saved, the Appointments are made and will appear on the Calendar screen.

7. OPTIONAL: If the patient you searched for does not exist**,** you will get a prompt to register a new patient. Click OK to add. A Patient Details window will open, where you can type in all relevant fields with the information and Save. 

9. Once the Patient Details are saved, you will automatically be directed to the Appointment window | fill in the Appointment Details as required and Save.

10. The Appointment is made and will now appear on the Calendar screen.

Updated on: 20/06/2023

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