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Getting Started with CallBox

CallBox module helps in managing phone calls and booking of appointments. It can handle scheduling of appointments for both existing Patients, as well as for new Leads. When used effectively, it will raise revenues, reduce no-shows and add-on new Patients for your Clinic Chain.

A step by step guide on how to use CallBox.


How to record details of an Incoming Call

How to make an outbound call

How to view Client History from CallBox

How to use CallBox to revive Inactive Patients

How to use CallBox to reduce No Show Patients

How to use CallBox to reschedule canceled Appointments

How to Filter your Search in CallBox

How to set up Incoming SMS Automation

How to view your personal Call History

How to track and reply to Incoming SMS and MMS

How to view Lead Details from CallBox

How to manage multiple call centers using CallBox

How to set up Preferences in CallBox


How to Navigate in Calendar

How to schedule the Patients Next Appointment

How to Edit an Appointment in Calendar

How to Cancel an Appointment

How to Reschedule a specific Appointment

How to Delete an Appointment

Updated on: 23/06/2023

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