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How to view Lead Details from CallBox

When you receive a Call, you may want to check details of the Person you are talking to. The contact details of the Person may have changed and you may want to quickly update it or confirm the same with the caller. All of this can be easily done easily in the CallBox.

For example, Let us assume, you receive a call from an existing Lead, who now wants to book an appointment. He also provides you with an address, in order to find the nearest and most suitable clinic. Initially, only the phone number and email id of the Lead was saved. You need to add his address, for which you will now need to access Lead Details.

Let us have a look at how to view Lead Details from CallBox:

1. Go to CallBox | New Incoming/Outgoing Call | Search Lead, type in the name of the person who has called and click on Search.

Clinicea will search for the person against both Existing Leads as well as Patients. Search Results are then displayed to you. Select a record by clicking on it.

The same approach works for an Outgoing Call as well.

2. Once you have selected the Lead, you can now view Lead Details by clicking on the Lead Details icon.

3. A Lead Details window will open, you can now add or edit Lead Details | Save.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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