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How to manage multiple call centers using CallBox

The CallBox module on Clinicea allows you to manage multiple call centers smoothly and efficiently. Multiple call centers are usually set up when you have a large Clinic Chain.

Let us assume, the calls to your clinic are managed by multiple call centers. Call centers provide customer support, enhance the generating of potential leads and assist the clinic with Appointment booking and scheduling. Since you are dealing with a large patient base you may be employing the use of both internal and external call centers.

For example, You have 2 call centers, managing the calls for 40 of your clinics. Each of the Call Centers has the authority to book, cancel and reschedule appointments for all of the 40 clinics.

Once permissions are set up, multiple call centers can function smoothly. Let us have a look at how to manage multiple call centers.


1. You will need to set up permissions from your admin account as follows:

Go to Tools | Permissions | Call Center | Permissions for [Your] Organization, switch CallBox. This gives your staff the permission to access the CallBox Module.

Now let us have a look at what happens when one call center tries to book an appointment for a time slot already blocked by a different call center.

Let us name the call centers, Call Center-1 and Call Center-2. Call Center-1 wants to book an appointment for a Patient at the Colaba clinic at 01:00 pm.

1. Go to CallBox | New Incoming Call | Appointment | Search Lead | Select City | Select Clinic, Podiatry, you can now see the Calendar screen for the Podiatry clinic. Go to the 01:00 pm time slot to book the appointment.

As you can see, the 01:00 pm time slot has already been booked. The Appointment shows the Patient/Lead name and Reason for Appointment.

2. All appointments made by another clinic will appear grayed out. You cannot edit this appointment as it was not made at your Call Center. In which case, you can schedule an appointment for another time slot. That’s it.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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