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How to use CallBox to revive Inactive Patients

Your clinic may have a list of Inactive Patients who haven’t visited the Clinic for a long time. This may be due to various reasons, Patients may have moved out of the city, their treatments were complete and they haven’t returned since they may have found an alternative clinic so on and so forth. Clinicea gives you the option of reviving Inactive Patients through the CallBox module. You can get a list of all your Inactive Patients, and approach them with Promotions to get them to revisit the Clinic.

For Chronic Patients, you may have new lines of treatment, for middle-aged patients, you can offer wellness programs, for Acute cases you can just touch base and inquire about their health, reinforcing the Clinic Brand.

You can filter the Search based on the amount of time a Patient has been Inactive, to tailor it to your Marketing Initiative. Sorting through and reviving Inactive Patients has never been easier.

Let us have a look at how to Search and make an Outgoing Call to Inactive Patients:

1. Go to CallBox | Click on the Search icon on the extreme right of the page.

2. A Call History window will open | Calls to be made | Set Filter.

3. The Filter appointment calls window will open. Switch ON the options that you want to view and select the time frame for each of the options from the drop-downs. Click on Apply button once done.

4. Click on the phone receiver icon and start calling them with your script.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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