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How to use CallBox to reduce No Show Patients

When Patients do not turn up for scheduled appointments without informing the Clinic, it leads to below-par utilization of Resources and Staff, Schedule overruns, and Lost revenues. Clinicea can help you reduce such No-Show appointments.

Clinicea can be being up to the list of all scheduled appointments for the given no: of days. You can then call each of the Patients up, and remind them well ahead of time, of their next appointment with the Clinic.

Let us have a look at how to make this work.

1. Go to CallBox | Click on the Search icon on the extreme right of the page**,**

2. A Calls to be made window will open | next, Click on the Filter Icon.

3. This opens another small window “ Filter Appointment Calls”. This small window opens that gives you a full view of the options that can be used at the time of the search.

4. Click on each Patient, and start calling them to remind them of their next appointment with your Clinic.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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