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How to track and reply to Incoming SMS and MMS

The CallBox module on Clinicea gives you the option of having a Communication Inbox. The Inbox is capable of tracking all incoming requests such as SMS, MMS as well as website inquiries.

Once enabled, your Patients can send you SMS and MMS on the go, and you can reply back to them, all in real-time. This is the next generation technology powering communication in advanced Medical Clinics. Let us have a look at how this works.

Step 1

You must first set up a Virtual Phone Number in your account. You can contact your Clinicea Account Manager for assistance on how to set up a virtual number. Clinicea provides this feature in 30 different countries across the world, with more being added steadily. Once your account is set up, go to CallBox to proceed.

Step 2

1. Click on Inbox, all incoming requests will appear here, as and when they come in. We will focus exclusively on SMS and MMS in this FAQ.

Points of Note

Clinicea automatically maps the number from which the SMS was received to a Patient where one is found.

Where a Patient with a matching number is not found it looks in your Leads Database.

Where no Lead is found with such a phone number, it auto creates one for you.

If you click on the thumbnail, it will open up the expanded view of the Image in a new Tab.

2. To reply to messages simply click on Reply, an SMS Reply section will open on the right-hand side of the page.

3. Enter the message you want to send in Your Reply | Click on SEND SMS.

Done! You have just replied to the Patient from Clinicea.

4. Clinicea tracks whether a message has been replied to or not by means of a visual cue. The background color will change to Green, and you will also see the exact date and time on when the message was replied to.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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