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How to make an Outbound Call

In the process of marketing your Clinic brand, you might get inquiries through emails, referrals etc. who might be interested in your services and requests for a phone call to know more about it. You can make such calls very simply through Clinicea. The only prerequisite is to integrate with a telephony provider of your choice. The best part, Clinicea can handle this too. Now that’s what you call, Cutting Edge. Let us take a look now at how to make a call.

1. Go to Call Box | New Outgoing Call | Search Lead.

2. Enter the phone number you wish to call and click Search. In case the number is already registered it appears on the list below, else you are presented with the Lead Details window to register a new lead before making the call.

3. Once the information is entered, click on Make Call for the call to be dialed out. Please take a look at the screenshot below:

4. If the call goes through, you get a Call Successful prompt. Also, the system will call you and after you pick up, the system will then call the Lead and connect both of you.

Just in case if you call the first time and do not get connected or there is no response from the other end you can click Make Call once more and this will redial the number for you.

5. All calls being made are registered in your i.e operators call history as well as in the Communication History of the Lead.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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