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Training for Accountants

The possibilities of revenue generation and expense management are endless on Clinicea. You think of a flow and we help you achieve it.

From Invoicing to managing Inventory, Services, Discounts- oh and wait for it¦Packages! Complications to simplicity. Here is a guide for your cashier, made as simple as can be!


Need to Invoice Patients for the Services and Products provided by the Clinic? Here is a look at some of the basics:

Need to Bill your Patients, start off by creating a New Bill.

Be generous, throw in a promotion!

Oops, did you just make a mistake? Would you rather Cancel the Bill and create a new one!

You will need the option to Search for Bills and Payments.

Now comes the important bit, processing a payment!

Knowing how to Cancel a Payment may come handy.

Do you have to clear multiple outstanding Bills of a Patient often? Easy peasy!

Indecisive Patients, that exchange items often or need a refund? Here you go!

Need to write-off outstanding Bills so that your accounts tally. Never been easier.

With all the bills and payments being processed, refunds, exchange, write-offs- you want to check the Patients transaction history.

Does your role demand more in Financials than just the basics? There is provision for all, just have a look!


If your Clinic has provision for Packages, here are some of the basics you need to know:

Bill a Package.

Create and bill a Custom Package.

And Bill Multiple Packages? You can do that too.

Demanding Patients who want additional discounts on Packages? here you go!

Lastly, you can cancel a package too.


Managing inventory, maintaining stock, batching, vendors etc. can seem horrific! But fear no more, our inventory module is fairly straightforward. Here are the basics:

Do you update your inventory list regularly by adding new inventory items?

or accept stock for older ones from your vendor.

And need to increase stock for individual items or multiple items.

You should also know how to reduce stock.

You can configure batching for Inventory too and here’s how you manage them!


Everyone needs reports for a top level view of all that happens within the Clinic. The less fortunate have to create it by themselves which can be time consuming and mind boggling! But you, you have Clinicea! Clinicea gives you a choice of more than 50 odd Reports.

Here is how you can view a Report. Your focus lies in the Finance and Inventory Reports, simply apply the filter and search!

If you have any questions seek Support.


This is not all, we have plenty of features you can explore and use as part of simplifying your Clinic flow. If you have questions, email us at Support and we will answer as quickly as possible.

Too many features and workflows available on Clinicea and you don t know where to start?! Don’t worry: have a look at our Getting Started pages!

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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