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How to give additional discount in Packages

Packages usually have preset discounts but there may be occasions when you want to offer your Patients an additional discount on the Package.

Example: Let us assume your Clinic is having a marketing promotion to increase your Package Sales. The promotion is called Summer 2018 and is available only for a couple of months in Summer.
For Packages above Rs. 10000, Patients can avail an additional 20% discount.
Now, your Packages already have preset discounts and the promotion is temporary. Therefore, you do not want to make edits to the Package masters, instead, you just want to simply apply the Promotion while Billing the Package. Clinicea gives you the option to do so.


You will need to set up the Summer 2018 Promotion in the Promotions master list first. You can do this from the Tools | Promotions | Add New. For more info, please have a look at How to set up Promotions and Discounts for your Clinic.

You can call the Promotion Summer_2018_20.

Let us have a look at how to apply a Promotion to an already discounted Package:

i. When you apply a Promotion, the system will apply the discount across all items within the Package. This will result in a discount on the Package Total Due.
ii. You can apply Multiple Promotions to a Bill, but all the Promotions need to be of the same kind i.e. either they should be all where a discount is in %, or they should all be such where the discount is a flat dollar amount

Go to Financials | New Package | search or select a Patient and click to open, Example: Bellatrix.

A New Package window will open | Add Bills Items | Add Bills Items fly-out will open, click on the +button beside the Package you want to Bill, Example: LHR Hand 6 Sittings priced at Rs. 12000. If you see, there is a 33.33% preset Discount already on the Package.

Now click on Promotions | a Promotions fly-out will open, click on Apply Promotion beside the Promotion you want to apply i.e. Summer_2018_20.

You will see a clear distinction between a Promotion that in discount percentage (highlighted in Yellow) and a Discount in amount (highlighted in Pink).

Once you apply the Promotion, it will appear in the Discount column. Discount has been applied and the total discount on the item is 53.33%. Simply enter Paid Amount and Payment Mode | Save. Done! You have just applied an additional Promotion to a Package.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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