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How to set up Promotions and Discounts for your Clinic

Clinicea can help you to increase Patient footfall and build customer loyalty by using the features of the Promotions Module.

Let us have a look at how to setup Promotions for your clinic:

Example: Your clinic has recently started several wellness programs for patients who are above 60 years of age. So you want to offer this on discount for a period of 1 year for all Senior Citizens as part of the Promotion.

1. Go to Tools | Promotions, a Promotions window will open. Click on + Add New to create a new promotion.

1(a). A Promotion window opens where you first enter the Promotion Name (This is a mandatory field).

1(b). Next you have the option to enter the Minimum spend required. This decides the bill total that is required, for this promotion to be applicable.

1(c). You may enter a Start and End Date to limit the discount for a certain period.

2. You will next enter the Discount % or Amount you want to offer as part of the promotion either in Percentage or Amount.

You can also select the discount to be an Amount instead of a Percentage. You cannot select specific Services, Products and Packages when setting up flat discounts.

If you select Discount to be applied in Percentage, then you can apply it to specific Services, Products and Packages also.
(a).** To apply discount to select services, then click the “+” Add Service Items and select the services for which discount has to be applied. Leave the Add Service Items empty in order to apply discount to all services.

2(b). Similarly discount can be added for individual Products and Packages as well.

3. You can also select to run this promotion on particular days of the week and also a particular time during the day. This can be setup from the “Select the Days when the Promotion is available”.

4. Once everything is set, you can filter the Clinics the promotion is available in by clicking on “**Applies To Clinics”.** This will open a section on the right-hand side which will allow to select the clinics where you want this promotion to be available.

5. Once completed click save and your promotion is ready to use and this will appear on the Promotions Page.

In order to delete any promotion, simply click on the delete button on the right hand side and it is deleted.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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