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How to accept a New Payment

When a Bill is generated for a Patient, the Payment is usually taken simultaneously. However, in some cases, the Patient may not pay the entire Bill amount. In such cases, you may use the New Payment function.
For example, A Bill for $436 is generated but the Patient is short on money, so she requests to pay half the Bill amount and the pay the rest upon her next visit. The Patient’s due towards the Clinic is now $218. The Patient returns to the Clinic and now wants to pay her due amount. You can accept a New Payment of $218 against her existing bill rather than generate a New Bill.

To accept a New Payment: Let us have a look at how to accept a New Payment against a Bill where the Patient has a due of $218.

1. Go to Financials | New Payment | Search and select the Patient you want to accept the New Payment from, and click to open.

2. An Accept Payment window will open, the Previous Due of $218 is visible here | Enter Paid Amount | select Payment Mode | Save.

If you want to pass an entry for a Payment taken on an earlier date simply change the transaction date. Optionally, you can also add an Internal Comment for future reference, explaining why you had to amend the Transaction Date.

3. You will automatically be directed to Search Payment and the New Payment will show here.

Similarly, if you have made a mistake with entering an incorrect Payment amount against a Bill. You can Cancel the Payment (click on How to Cancel a Payment) and accept a New Payment against the concerned Bill.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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