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How to exchange items in a Bill

Clinicea gives you the option to Exchange items in a Bill. You can exchange a single item or all items in the Bill. You can also return Items by using the Exchange Bill option. When you exchange or Return an item, a Credit Note equal to the value of the items being returned will get generated automatically. The Patient can use it to redeem any Service or Product offered by the Clinic.

Once a bill is exchanged, it cannot be reversed, canceled or deleted.

Let us have a look at how to use the Exchange Bill:

Part 1: Exchange multiple items in a Bill:
Example: A Patient has purchased 8 quantities of an Inventory item (Amlodipine) and 1 quantity of another(Benedryl Cough Syrup). She wants to exchange 4 quantities of Amlodipine and the Benadryl Cough Syrup for another product.

1. Go to Financials | Search Bill | Select Bill | More Options | Select Exchange from the drop-down menu**.** Example: Rima Sen, Invoice number 100874.

2. The Bill will open in an Exchange Bill mode, all current Bill Items will appear on the screen with their quantity in a negative (-). The current Bill amount will also be in negative (-).

i. You can Delete the items you do not want to exchange by clicking on the Delete Button beside LHR full hands.
ii. Where you have taken multiple quantities of an item but want to return back only a change in the quantity column. Ex: For the Inventory item Amlodipine, where the Qty is -8, change it to -4 as you want to keep 4 and return the other.

3. Once you have made the above changes, click on +Add Bill Items, to add the new items the Patient wants to take in lieu of the items being returned.

Ex: The Patient is exchanging items worth Rs. 105 for items worth Rs. 1120.

An Add Bill Items fly-out will open | Services, search and add Acne Treatment by clicking on the +button beside it | now click on Exchange Bill. If you want to print the Exchanged Bill, click on Exchange & Print.

4. As you click on Exchange Bill, the following happens:

The original bill gets marked off as “**exchanged”.** This ensures the same bill cannot be re-exchanged again.
A 2nd Bill gets generated. Since items are not being billed, they are being returned, the bill total is negative as well.
A Credit Note is assigned to the Patient for the value of the returned items. The credit note effectively increases the patient’s advance balance with the Clinic. Advance can then be used for any future bills or be refunded.
OPTIONAL: A 3rd Bill gets generated only if you have taken any new items in lieu of what was returned.

Let us see assume the exchange has been done as stated in point 4, now let us see the extra bills that were auto-generated.

i. Go to Search Bill | Search by Patient name to view the same: Ex: you can see the original bill i.e. Invoice no: 100874, the negative bill, invoice no: 100876, and the 3rd bill with new items i.e. invoice no: 100877.

If the value of the new items is more than the current bill items, you would need to pay the extra amount.

Also note that in order to Exchange any bill, there has to be at least 1 item in the current bill to exchange.

Part 2: Return Items using Exchange Bill:

Example: Patient by the name of Rebecca has come in for a Medical Consultation and is advised to take the Collagen Filler Service. She pays for the $495 against Consultation and $1,000 against Collagen Filler. She has completed Consultation but will return to the Collagen Filler. The Patient returns and does not want to go ahead with the Collagen Filler.

Depending on the Clinic policy you can either offer her a refund or a credit note that she can use against any other Services offered by the Clinic. Let us have a look at how to generate a Credit Note for items returned:

1. Follow the same process mentioned in Part 1 to open the Bill for Rebecca in Exchange Mode.

2. Now Delete the item already consumed i.e. Medical Consultation | The item that is being returned must still be on the Bill Screen i.e. Collagen Filler | Now simply click on Exchange Bill.

3. This time 1 more Bill and a Credit Note gets generated automatically. The Bill is for the Exchange/Return.

i. Go to Search Bill | Search by Patient name to view the same:

If you want to view the Bills simply click on the Bill to open.

ii. The Credit Note will get generated for the total amount received against the item returned i.e. $1000.

Go to Search Payment | Search by Patient name to view the same:

Now click on the Credit Note to open and view the Balance left:

The Patient can use this Credit Note balance against the Services and Inventory offered by the Clinic. Alternatively, you can offer a Refund of this amount. For more info, please have a look at How to issue a Refund.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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