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What to do if I make a mistake with a Bill

Billing is an extremely important function within a clinic and it must be handled with utmost care. However, mistakes are inevitable and they may occur for various reasons.

So, what happens if you make a mistake with a bill on Clinicea?
To answer this question, let us have a look at some examples of the mistakes that may occur while processing a Bill and how it can be rectified.

_Example 1:_

You have created a Bill but have entered incorrect items on the Bill.

Once a bill has been saved, bill items cannot be modified. Simply, cancel the Bill with incorrect items and create a new Bill. Please have a look at How to Cancel a Bill.

_Example 2:_

You have created a bill but have entered the wrong transaction date, Or assigned the Bill to the wrong Practitioner.

Search for the Bill in Financials, open and edit the Bill to enter the correct information. Once you open the Bill for editing, click on the Calender icon under Transaction Date to enter the correct transaction date. Similarly, click on the practitioner name under Practitioner to assign the Bill to correct Practitioner. Also, if you need to add any comments internally regarding the modification made to the Bill, click on the link No Internal Comments under Internal Comments and add a comment.
Please have a look at How to Edit a Bill.

_Example 3:_

You have entered an incorrect Payment amount in the Bill.

If you have entered the the incorrect Payment amount, it is not the Bill that needs to be changed but the Payment. Therefore, cancel the Payment and take a new payment. Please have a look at How to Cancel a Payment.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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