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How to view Transaction History

The Transaction History of Patient shows the current Advance/Due balance of the Patient with the Clinic. It also lists out every Financial transaction of the Patient to date. You will also be able to see the calculation that will indicate the current net position of the patient. This will help you to know the amount that the patient owes or has in advance.

_Ex: Total Dues $7000= Total Bill Dues $10000- Total Unused payments $3000
_**Total Bill Dues** shows the total amount outstanding across all bills for the patient.
Total Unused payments show any advance that the patient has paid, which is yet to be used for bills.

1. To view Transaction History Go to Financials | Click on Tx History | Search and click on a Patient Name.

2. A Transaction History of the Patient will open on the right-hand side of the page. All transactions of the Patient will be listed here. Most importantly, the Total of Dues/Advance of the Patient is highlighted on the Transaction History by default.

Each Invoice or payment is clickable as well. You can jump to the respective bill or payment just by clicking on it.

Newest transactions appear right at the top, and older ones below. Tx History should be read bottom-up.

Example: The Transaction History for the patient Rose would be as follows which shows all transactions.

2(a). You can also choose to view All Transactions, All Due Bills, All Paid Bills or All Unused Payments. This is available as a drop-down list.

2(b). You have the option to Export, Print and refresh the transaction history to check real-time changes. Go to Tx History | Select a Patient and click on Click on the X button to Export the Tx History and Print button to print the same.

3. This is how a Due Amount and an Advance Balance with the Clinic will appear.

4. You can opt to see either the Financial Transactions or Transactions that have generated Points. This can be selected on the top left-hand corner. Points are only accumulated if the patient is on a Membership Plan and on Bills that have been fully paid.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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