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How to Write-Off a Bill

Only a Bill that is Due can be Written-Off. For Example, A Patient was billed for an Acne Treatment- Rs. 1500 and 2 products, AVEDERM Soothing Facing Cleanser- Rs. 50 and Averderm Cream- Rs. 35. The total bill amount is Rs. 1585 but the Patient is short on money and that is given as a credit to the Patient. 6 months pass and the Patient does not come back and the bill remains due. Finally, you accept the outstanding Rs.1585 will never get paid and decide to write-off the due.

Please note: Once a bill is Written-Off it cannot be undone, hence the Bill must be Written-Off with careful consideration.

To Write-Off a Bill:

1. Go to Financials | Search Bill | Select Bill | Edit Bill window will open. Click on More Options | Write-Off Bill.

2. A Write-Off Bill window will open | click on Write-Off Bill at the bottom of the page. The due amount i.e. Rs. 1585 is Written-Off automatically.

3. Once you click on Write-Off Bill you will be diverted to the Search Bill section in Financials and the Written-Off Bill will appear here.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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