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How to create a Custom Package

A Custom Package should be created when a Patient wants to buy a combination of service and inventory items, that are not available as part of a standard package.

Alternatively, it can also be useful in entering previously ongoing packages, when you are migrating from pen and paper to a computer-based software like Clinicea (For more info click on How to digitize paper notes on Packages into Clinicea).

Let us have a look at a situation where you may need to create a Custom Package combining items from other standard packages:

For example, A Patient visits your Clinic and has requested you for a Hepatitis B Package. He will pay for the Package now but wants to start the Package tomorrow. The Package should include 1 service item- Consultation and 1 inventory item- Hepatitis B. Currently, no such package are available at your clinic. Therefore, you will need to create a Custom Package for the Patient.

Creating a Custom Package on Clinicea is not only simple but very easy. To create a Custom Package:

1. Go to New Advance under Financials and select a Patient,


2. Advance Payment window will open | +Add Bill Items | Service, click on the +button beside the service name i.e. Consultation.

Then click, Inventory, click on the +button beside the inventory name i.e. Hepatitis B | Enter Paid Amount | select Payment Mode | Save.

3. You can also edit the Date of Transaction from here if you need to. Let’s say, you are entering these details for a Package that was sold a month ago. For some reason, you did not enter it into the System then but are doing it now. You can easily fix this by changing the Transaction date. Instead of Today’s date, put an older date.

4. Done! The Custom Package has been smartly auto-created for the Patient.

You will be diverted to the Search Package screen automatically and can view the same.

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5. When the Patient returns to the clinic to start on his Package, you will need to generate a New Bill against the Package. When you go to Bill him, the system automatically shows the Patient is on a Custom Package. Whenever an appointment or a bill is made for the Patient, the system automatically brings up the pending items i.e. items that have been paid for but not yet serviced.

Go to New Bill | select the Patient | a New Bill window will open | Add Bill Items section will also open up on the right. You will see under Pending, Consultation and Hepatitis B.

You can also create a custom Package by combining multiple Packages. For More info, please have a look at How to Bill Multiple Packages.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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