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How to digitize your Packages from paper based records onto Clinicea

Let’s say you have been selling Packages to Patients and maintaining that on paper. You now need to enter all this information in Clinicea. Rather than entering the entire Package, just enter that part of the Package that is still pending.

For example: A Patient is already on a Anagrow package which has 15 Anagrow Sittings + 2 x Anagrow H- 24 X15Ml + 1 Derma Roller. Patient has already completed several sittings and taken away several products too. Now only this is left

_6 Anagrow Sittings_

_1 x Anagrow H- 24 X15Ml_

So far you had maintained this information on paper and now you want to enter it in Clinicea. You can do by creating a a custom package. Creating a Custom Package on Clinicea is not only simple but very easy. Let us have a look at how to create a Custom Package:

a. Go to New Advance under Financials and select a Patient,

b. An Advance Payment section will open

Click +Add Bill Items| Services, click on the +button beside Anagrow per sitting and change Qty to 6

Then Click Inventory, click on the +button beside Anagrow H-4x15Ml

Now, Enter Paid Amount | Select Payment Mode | Save.

c. Once Saved, the Custom Package has been auto-created. You will be diverted to the Search Package screen automatically and can view the same.

That’s it, enter the next Package.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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