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How to Apply Promotions to a Bill

Promotions are another name for Discounts. Promotion can be of 2 types, item level discounts, or bill level discounts. Promotions can be run for a limited period by specifying the start and end date. They can also be run on slow-moving services or can be used as an instrument to jump start sale of products and package items. More details on how to setup promotions can be read here.

For Example, let us talk about a promotion NEW PROMO for new customers.
Let us take the example of a patient, David Thewlis, who is billed for 2 Services: (a) NLS Health Screening (Rs. 1,350) and (b) Medical Consultation (Rs. 495).Now let us see how we can use such Promotions.

1. Go to Financials | select the patient from the New Bill section.

2. Click +Add Items and select the two services. So the Bill Total is 1,350+495= Rs. 1,845.

3. Now click on the “**+**” button under discount. This will open the list of Promotions on the right-hand side. Clinicea will auto filter the promotions list to show only active promotions that are applicable to the services, inventory, and package added to this bill. In the list look for the desired promotions and click on the Apply button to apply them to the bill i.e. New Promo.

4. The applied promotion will be added to the Discount Section.

5. Also, you can manually edit the discount on any item applied. Discount can be provided either in % or by amount. This can be done by clicking on the “**%**” sign on the line item.

6. The highlighted section in the bill summarizes the Subtotal, Discount applied and the new Bill Total. The discount amount is provided under Discount.

7. If you add additional items to a bill after applying for promotions then the applied promotion is removed automatically and you will have to apply for the promotion again. Similarly removing an item from a bill after the promotion has been applied will also remove the applied promotion. Changing the quantity of an item does not change the discount applied.

8.You can re-open an older bill and click on the Discount Amount to see the promotions that were applied to it.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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