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How to create a Bill from Financials

A Bill can be created directly from Financials in Clinicea. This option is particularly useful if your Clinic has a separate counter for Billing or if you have an accounts department that has access to Financials only.

To create a Bill from Financials:

1. Go to New Bill | Search or Select Patient and click to open.

2. A New Bill window will open | +Add Bill Items | click on Inventory to Bill a product or click on Services to Bill a service | Click the +Button beside the name of the product or service.

3. If need be, while billing you can also offer discounts to your client and that can be done very simply using Clinicea.In the New Bill section type, a Discount percentage in the Box named Discount and the total price of the item gets discounted by the given percentage.

Alternatively, if you want to Discount the item price by a specific amount, click on the % icon.

4. Enter Paid Amount | select Payment Mode | Save.

5. If you only want to generate a Bill and not take the Payment, simply +Add Bill Items to the Bill and Save without entering the Paid Amount.

To view or edit this bill in future, go to Financials | Search Bill.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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