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How to view Reports

Clinicea gives you the option to view detailed Reports for all modules in your Clinicea account.

All the reports have unique icons to help you distinguish the different categories of reports. Also, the icon shows the description of the report. You can just hover your pointer over the icon beside the report and you can view the description.

Let Us now see how to get a detailed report.

1. To get detailed Report on any items listed on the right side of the screen | Click on Run.

2. This will open a New Tab which will bring up a Graphical Representation of the Report For example Appointments. The same can be viewed for 1 Day, 1 Week or a Month by selecting the desired tab.

3. The same can also be viewed in Text Mode by Clicking on Result Icon as shown. This will only show the first 100 rows. In case there are more than 100 rows, you can Click Next >> at the bottom left, to go to the next page and see the next set of 100 records.

4. You can view and compare multiple reports using Clinicea as every new report that you run, opens in a new tab. This helps in comparison of reports easy. To switch from one report to another, all you need to do is click on the desired tab on which the report is open and you are able to view the report without having to run it again or download it and compare it with other reports.

5. You can also view the detailed report for a specific date range for multiple clinics or a single clinic as well. This can be achieved using the Configure feature.

You can configure a specific date range or choose multiple clinics using the Configure window. Simply click on Configure Icon and then select the desired date range and the clinic or multiple clinics and then click Apply. The dashboard will be refreshed with the selected parameters and provide you with an overview.

6. The report can be exported to an Excel file by clicking on the Export button which is visible under the three dots on the right of the report. It will then download all data on your computer in the universal “csv” format. Export and Downloading the data can take between few seconds to few minutes, depending on the size of the data being exported.

7. For running a Campaign you can Select the SMS present on the three dots on the top right of the report section.

8. This will now open a Campaign Window, where you need to enter the Campaign Name and Content for the Campaign and then click on Send SMS. It will auto-exclude those who have set their communication preference to “Do Not Contact”.

Updated on: 08/07/2023

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