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How to use the Analytics Dashboard

Let us see how to use the Analytics Dashboards in Clinicea.

1. Sign-in to your Clinicea account | Click on the Analytics tab. This opens the Analytics page. You have four dashboards to choose from namely Services, Products, Package, and Sales. Click on Launch against the item that you would want to launch the dashboard for. Here we have selected the Service Dashboard.

2. This opens a page named Service Dashboard on a new tab and displays a column chart with relevant information. By default, the time period selected is Year-to-Date(YTD) and all Clinics are selected. The YTD time period is the same as the Financial Year set under the Main Clinic’s Financial Preference.

3. The page displayed is divided into 2 parts, the top is the Chart/Graph view and the lower section is the Tree View. The Tree view displays information where the largest box represents the maximum sales and the brightest colour represents the highest quantity sold.

4. You can next view the trend for Service Category Sale. This displays a graph view of sales of services by their category for the period selected. Similarly, Clicking on each tab displays their corresponding graphs. Similarly, Service Category Count displays the numbers of services sold by their category.

5. Clicking on the Service Sale tab displays a graphical view of the current period selected but also allows you to compare it with a graph of the previous period. Similarly, Service Count displays the count of service to compare with a previous period.

6. The last tab is the Service Average. This displays the average sales by month for the selected period for each of the clinics.

7. You can also configure and filter to what data you would like to view. Click on the >> button on the right top corner of the page to configure the same.

8. Here you can configure the time period for which you would like to view the data on the dashboard, filter by Circle or Clinic(s). You can also filter by data by staff to evaluate the performance of each staff or filter by gender to view who are your, primary customers. Once the chart is populated, you can also print off the chart. Just click on the Print button on the top to print the same.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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