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How to read the Dashboard

Clinicea gives you the real-time view of the key metrics to manage your Clinic operations. It also does an auto-comparison with the previous period to identify trends. All of this in a click.

Let us have a look at how to read the Dashboard:

1. Go to Reports, to view the Dashboard. You can see the key metrics for the day, 7 Days, month or a custom data range of your choice. Now you will also see when was this report last updated.

2. Let us review what each metric stands for:

Appointments: No: of appointments made in the given period

New Patients: No: of new patients registered

Patient Medical Records: No: of new EMR visits recorded. It should ideally equal the No: of Appointments.

Billed: Amount Billed in the given period.

Payments Received: Total payments received in the given period.

3. To check for real-time updates, click on the

icon. This with refresh the dashboard and any change will be updated immediately.

4. You can also view the Dashboard for a specific date range for multiple clinics or a single clinic as well. This can be achieved using the Configure feature.

You can configure a specific date range or choose multiple clinics using the Configure window. Simply click on Configure Icon and then select the desired date range and the clinic or multiple clinics and then click Apply. The dashboard will be refreshed with the selected parameters and provide you with an overview.

Updated on: 08/07/2023

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