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2019 August Release

CallBox Revamped

Now keep track of your calls with just a click. Focus on what really matters which is your clients, not the software.

Now searching a lead in CallBox shows right away the ones who do not want to be contacted, ensuring you do not get customer complaint.


You now have the ability to permanently delete Leads. This helps you to delete leads that may have been duplicated in error.


Patient demographics are have been split into 3 parts – Basic, Corporate & Membership, Payment Methods. Payment Methods is a new section added, where you can add multiple credit/debit cards information of the patient. This information can be used to make Bill Payments.


If booking an appointment without any service, the system will prompt you to add the Doctor’s favorite service which can be set in “Staff Preferences”. You can always choose not to add any.

Comments entered in an appointment can now be seen by the doctor inside Todays’s Services Section. The comments can be entered while creating an appointment from the Calendar, CallBox or added from Today’s Services.

The Clinicea Scheduler now provides a lot more information. It is easy for you now to understand the appointment source as we have added icons to denote this.

The Appointment list on the left of the Calendar now shows the Doctor’s name. Easier to check which doctor the patient has an appointment with. Useful if you are a Multi Speciality Clinic with multiple doctors practicing.

You can also now know how busy is the day going to be for a Doctor. The count of appointments is now displayed against each Doctor/Resource.

Easier to track multiple appointments of a single patient on the same day.

Searching for Patients for an Appointment Booking or in the CallBox now prioritizes the patients of the clinic the user is logged into. This helps you to identify the correct patient faster thus reducing the time to book an appointment.

Smarter Appointment searching as you can now filter your search not only by the appointment status but also by appointment source.

You can now set future dated breaks for your staff members. This way you are able to set their schedule months in advance. This is also useful for clinics where the staff’s schedule changes every week.


The EMR now has a refreshed look with some new features added and some old ones, reinvented, to make it even simpler.

Today’s Services is now available at the very top. You can add additional services and even packages inside the EMR.

Bill Estimates: Now, whenever you record a visit in the EMR, Clinicea auto-adds the totals of Consultation Fee (Reason for the visit/service) + Investigations you Ordered + Medications you Prescribed. The most interesting feature of this is that in case if you want to increase the quantity of a particular investigation/service or change its price, this now can be done from this window.

Prescribing Rx and Ordering Investigations made easy. Improved search feature with _suggestive text_ now available for searching Rx or Investigation making it easy and fast to add medicines and investigations to an encounter.

You can now see the count of Rx prescribed and Investigations ordered in an encounter. This is visible on the bookmark section of the casesheet.

Ordering of Investigation is now smarter as you can set instructions for each investigation.

New and Improved Assessment section which now supports additional fields of Active, Start & End Date and Notes. Easier for you to note your diagnosis of the patient’s condition.

Medical Summary Export button position changed. This is now placed under the 3 dots just like any other additional action in Clinicea.

Medical Summary can be configured to display selected sections. Now you can choose what can be displayed on the Medical Summary section. If you still have not configured it yet, you will see a “*red dot**” reminding you to make the change if required.

New and Improved Medical Summary section. Starting from the very top, the Past Visit (Previous Version) section is now divided into sub-categories. Each tab displaying its corresponding information.

A patient summary snapshot is now included in the Patient Summary Section. View the most common information at a glance like the next appointment date.

You can now choose a default section under medical summary such that every time you open the EMR of any patient, the chosen section is displayed in full. You can choose one from the following three: Progress Indicators, Immunization, and Previous Visit Notes.

Service Summary: This new section shows all the services the patient has been billed for, along with the ones that also been recommended by the Practitioner. Easier to check if all recommendations made are completed or pending.


You now have the ability to add the Registration Number for a patient as well. The name of this Registration Number will be the same that is set for the organization under Financial Preferences | Important Registration Numbers | Reg. No.: Name 1.

Quotation with Recommended plan launched. You now have the option to recommend Treatment Plans to your patients directly from the EMR. This, in turn, creates a Quotation with items given in the recommended plan.

**User Interface**

More improvements made on the UI so that you get a responsive UI which keeps you aware of what is happening.


The permissions for Finance and Inventory have now been separated as individual modules.

A new tab “*_Authorization_**” has been added to the Inventory Module. This gives the stockist the ability to authorize all stock intake from the Inventory module itself.

You now have the ability to merge information of two patients. Very helpful in cases where a duplicate patient is created in error.


Enterprise customers can integrate their SendGrid Accounts into Clinicea.

MailChimp has now been integrated with Clinicea. Use your MailChimp account to send NewsLetters, Campaigns, and more.

New Launch

Secure Tele-Consultations available in select markets via integration to Agora. Clinicea has launched a new Video Consultation App. Now get your consultations done sitting at the comfort of your home.


Updated on: 16/06/2023

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