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2023 April Release

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Drag Drop Prompt

Sometimes an appointment may get accidentally dragged and dropped by you, especially when you are on touch devices. To ensure you have a way of knowing this and undoing it if required, we have added a new feature. Each time you move an appointment, you now get a prompt of this change. You also get an option to undo the move.

Staff and/or Resource

We have varying requirements coming in from Clinics, where it sometimes require as part of the workflow to make it mandatory to select a Staff in the appointment. Some clinics requires selection of Resource to mandatory, and others require a combo of both or either. To handle all such permutations were are introducing a new Calendar preference as follows:

Compliance to Best Practises

Minor modification to compliance feature. You can now choose which roles have the permission to unlock the calendar in case of a user's non-compliance.

The prompt on the calendar will appear as follows:

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We are launching a brand new module, a year in the making, "Dental EMR 2.0". You can plan treatments, record history, complete items, all while annotating your way on high resolution dental charts. You can set dental recalls - without requiring an appointment, for easy nurse follow-ups. Fully integrated with scheduling, billing, clinical notes and much more.

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Refill reminders now extended to support 10 days advance notice. Accessible from the Clinic's Communication Preference.

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Corporate Billing

When billing corporates and insurance companies, the workflow can sometimes require the need to get a pre-authorisation. This typically entails getting a approval/reference number from the corporate/insurance co: that then needs to be included in the bill in order for it to get paid. This entire process is now supported in Clinicea.

You can setup this preference by going to Tools | Address Book | Click on Billing Preferences

Setup your Billing Preferences

Then just bill the way you do and you will get prompted to input the authorisation/reference number.

Applying Package Changes for Clinic Chains

For a clinic chain ensuring all clinics have the same package prices just got easier. If you have admin rights, or the right to work across all clinics in Clinicea, then you get a new feature. Each time you save a package, you get a prompt to apply this change across ALL the clinics. Just click yes to make packages consistent across all your locations.

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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