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2023 March Release

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Lets Patients register themselves off your website.

Did you know that you can now enable patients to register themselves directly off your website!. Yet another template for self-signup added to the growing list. Patients can now also upload multiple documents and pictures during signup. Here is a sample Get yours made today by contacting support.

Patient Notes

Earlier you could add a note in patient demographics. Now we added the ability to add multiple patient notes. You can also pin multiple notes to a patient. Pinned notes appear right at the top of the list. The last pinned note also appears in the client's medical summary.

Download Files

Earlier on click, the file would open or download based on what your browser decides. Now you will find a download button next to files in Patient Portal as well as in Clinicea, and in a click the file gets downloaded.

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New Team & Alerts

You can now configure a CRM Team to handle external communication with the patients. This team can also be configured to receive alerts each time a new lead inquiry comes in. Configurable under _Tools | Organisation | Select Organisation | Communication Preferences._

You can also view the new Lead easily. It will show the created today sticker.

Send SMS & Email Directly

We have added the ability for you to directly email and SMS leads. Along with it you can also create reusable email/SMS templates.

Note: Ability to create new SMS templates is not enabled for clinics in India. This requires a a manual approval process from TRAI.

Email Template

Support for Photos and Documents

You can now add profile picture for Lead. You can also attach other documents and photos.

UX Changes In Lead

The lead name appears right at the top now. Colour coded lead list appears too, along with the ability to convert the lead to a patient. right at the top.

Similar changes done to Patient details too.

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Support for Logos

Communication Templates now supports clinic logos. So you can have the emails going out of the clinic to include your branded image.

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Updated on: 09/06/2023

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