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2024 January Release




A new module is being introduced in CRM for Enterprise Plan customers, called Opportunities. Clinicea will now track expiring memberships open quotations and pending packages to auto create opportunities for your sales and marketing teams.

Accessible from your Organization | CRM preferences

You can manually also create opportunities

Ofcourse it comes feature packed with its dedicated search filters


Earlier new leads used to have the status as HOT. Now you can choose a custom status such as Unassigned. Accessible from CRM Preferences.


Follow-ups are now easier to identify for operators in the CRM. There is a dedicated search by follow-up date option.

To help you cross-sell and up-sell, we have also added a service category filter. Services categories are auto-added to a patient based on the services a patient is billed for. So you can for example identify patients who have been given a Collagen Filler, to send over promotions for Botox.



Operational efficiencies continue to be advanced with sophisticated automations being added to Clinicea. For known chronic patients, who need to visit a clinics xx no: of times, auto mark them as LOST, or NEW based on clinical rules. Ex: a dialysis patient needs to come 3 times a week to your dialysis unit clinic. If they have not come for 12 times in 4 weeks, you know its a LOST patient. Similarly a patient who needs regular treatment come for a an appointment after a long gap (rules defined by you), can be auto identified as a NEW patient. paperwork, KPI, reporting, all reflects this without a single touch from your end.

Transfer History

When you move a patient from one clinic to another within your group, these details are now tracked in transfer History. Very Useful for clinics chains. Available nuder Patient Demographics.


You can now put in plain text information about the Source of the Patient and Lead. This goes under Source Description.


Scale to Fit

When adding a new image to imaging, you now get the option to scale to fit it in the available area. Once you save it, this change is permanent.

Delete Visit

Option to delete a visit, now has a dedicated permission. Give it with utmost care to a staff.


In patient demographics, a patient refuses to give consent to the privacy policy of the clinic, then clinical visits for that patient will not be sent to NEHR. To activate this feature please contact Clinicea Support.

Auto-Generate Prescription

You now have the option to switch on auto generating of prescriptions, each time you save a visit. You can switch this on in Organisation | Clinical Preferences

Patient Portal

Minor changes to the UX to make it simpler and more intuitive. All the data is now accessible from the logged in screen. No need to switch between Dashboard and All Data. We use performant best practises to ensure the screen removes lightweight and super fast.


Batch Conversion

To avoid confusions, a best practise has now been put in place. Whenever you convert a non-batchable inventory to a batch, you must provide a batch number and expiry date.



If you cancel a payment in Clinicea and if that payment was received from Stripe, then a new step will now happen. The payment will also get auto refunded via stripe now.


Confirm Booking

You can now send out appointment confirmation links in SMS and Email to patients. Once the patient confirms the booking, it auto-updates your Calendar.

Feedback & Paperwork

For both paperwork and feedback the staff now has the option to manually copy over the online links inside Clinicea.


Clinicea API

A lot of new calls now supported including option to do all of the following using the API
create complete clinical visits
create Address book contacts
create opportunities
create quotations

TeleCMI and Clinicea better together

The ability to call patients from inside Clinicea was already there. We just added a bunch of more features to the Cloud Telephony Software Tool we have built for you.

You can now
Put the patient on HOLD.
Mute yourself while talking.
Conference and merge additional staff members while on call with the patient.

Additionally, you also control when you want to receive calls, or when to pause it by marking yourself as ONLINE/OFFLINE.


Date Format

You now have full control over the format in which dates will appear in your exported report excel files.


All logs i.e. patient and lead, will now include time zones.

Updated on: 15/01/2024

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