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2023 February Release

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**Staff Training via Automation**

All appointments at the end of the day should either be Checked-out or No-Show/Cancelled. But that is not always the case. You will inevitably find appointments from previous day still lying around in the Confirmed Status or Waiting, or Engaged etc. This should not happen ideally. But when repeated trainings to your receptionist does not work, you tend to feel its a lost cause. Compliance to best practises becomes even a bigger challenge as the no: staff at the front-desk increases, or you branch out to multiple locations.

The impact of this non-compliance can be high. If an appointment is not even marked as a no-show the automations built in Clinicea to get the patient to rebook - by sending a reminder to such a patient will not be triggered. Similarly, the reporting will also be out of sync. Revenues take a hit.

How do we fix this? That's a question we have been asked many a times. We now have a answer. Switch on this new preference and compliance will be a thing of the past.

If any member of a staff forgets to do their job right and not mark the appointments as one of the 3 - Checked-out or No-Show/Cancelled, then the calendar gets locked for them, as well as any other staff belonging to their role. They cannot make any new appointments, till such time they fix the appointments by going to the past date and correcting their statuses.

Access all Leads

By default when you search for a lead on the appointment screen, it searches in the clinic for which the scheduler is open.

However if you are a multi-clinic chain, it is possible patients move around. They may be registered in Clinic 1 but end up going to Clinic 2, or Clinic 3. In such a case the staff at Clinic 2 may not find any record based on their name.

You can resolve this, by allowing searching of leads across all your clinics, by switching on the preference in Tools | Organisation | Select Organisation | Calendar Preferences. Here you need to switch on 2 preferences:

Allow searching of Leads also when making an Appointment.

Search Leads across all Clinics.

Once done, when the front desk searches for a lead, and it is not found, the system prompts them to search across clinics.

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New preferences added to the Online booking page. You can now have a description, or disclaimer text appearing on each step of the online booking page.

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You can now send patients a link to their bill. This can be opened online and used to make online payment too.

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Transaction Summary

As the concept of giving loyalty points gains traction with clinics, we decided to revamp the transaction summary area which shows how did a patient earn and spent points. Here is the new look screen, accessible from Financials | Tx History | Points.

Redeeming Points

When a patient want to use the earned points against a bill, there are 2 ways you can handle this redemption.

Convert the points to money and use that money to pay off the bill. In this case the bill amount remains as is.
Bill is for $100
Points used by patient worth $20
Payment taken from Patient will be $80
Tax on Bill Amount will be $10 (assuming a 10% GST/VAT Rate).

Another option is, you can use the points as a discount, and apply it to the bill, to reduce the bill total. Let me show the example again.

Bill is for $100
Points used by patient worth $20.
Bill reduces to $80

Payment taken from Patient will be $80
Tax on Bill Amount will be $8 (assuming a 10% GST/VAT Rate).

Whichever option is right for you, as determined by your accountant, can be setup in Clinicea. Just goto Tools | Organisation | Select Organisation | Financial Preferences | Use Points as Discount, instead of Payment.

On: Option 2 above
Off: Option 1 above.

Let me show how the new option i.e. option 2 looks Like. In order to use the points as a discount, you need to click under Bill Discount.

In the new window that opens up, mention the amount points you want to use. That's it.

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You can now print out the pie charts.

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The Stripe Integration 2.0 has been launched. You can now at the time of connecting your stripe account to Clinicea, bring over all the customers you have in Stripe into Clinicea as patients. This match is done on the basis of phone number.

Additionally, each time you collect a payment in Stripe, it will appear automatically in Clinicea, with the payment mode set as per your settings below.

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Updated on: 15/06/2023

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