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2023 August Release



Appointment Duration is Editable

Instead of changing the appointment end time, you can now straight away edit the appointment duration.
appointment duration

Appointment Status Made Prominent

Appointment status border made thicker and more prominent for easier scanning on the screen

Appointment Cancellation

When cancelling an appointment from within the clinic, you now enter the cancellation reason. It assists with reporting and analytics later on.

Then enter the reason

Auto mark patients as active

If a patient is inactive, and you make an appointment for such a patient, it can be auto-marked as Active again. This feature is enabled by switching on a Calendar preference as shown below.


Age Display for Paediatrics

Age is usually displayed as a shorthand in years ex: John M 34y. However for Paediatrics we understand the need to be more precise. So if a patient is below 16years, you get to see the exact age down to days.

Formulation now editable

You can now edit the formulation of a medication during prescribing.


We are introduction automations. You can mark a patient as NEW or LOST based on clinic rules. For ex: a nephrology clinic may set a customer as LOST automatically if the patient does not return to the clinic even once in 4 weeks.
This feature is accessible under Tools | Organisation | Select a Clinic | Scroll down and click "Automations"


Clinicea continues its integration spree. Latest ones are
Slovenia cash Register for Clinics based in Clinicea i.e.
Dialog LK for SMSs in Sri Lanka i.e.
SMS To for Slovenia i.e.
SmartCMS Singapore CHAS Claims

Updated on: 02/08/2023

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