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How to get Bill Estimates inside the EMR

Some Insurance companies set soft thresholds within which you need to keep your per Patient visit billing. Exceeding these limits repeatedly may affect the standing of your Clinic with the Insurance company. Clinicea helps you stay within the limits intuitively. Let me show you how.

1. First set the limit per Patient visit. This can be done for the entire clinic by going to Tools, then click on Organization. Under Organization, Select your Clinic. Under Clinic, scroll down to Preferences and click on Clinical. Here you will be able to set Billing guideline for a patient visit and the set the threshold amount.

This is especially useful if you have a tie-up with any Insurance Company. You can always change the limit for a particular Insurance company by going to Tools | AddressBook | Select the Insurance Company | Select the Specific Insurance Policy of that Company.

2. That is it. Now whenever you record a visit in the EMR, Clinicea auto adds the totals of:
Consultation Fee(Reason for the visit/service) + Investigations you Ordered + Medications you Prescribed

It shows you the total as well at the top of the EMR screen. Here it shows that the appointment was for Initial Consultation and the cost for the consultation is Rs. 100.

3. The same goes when ordering investigations. The cost is immediately calculated as soon as the investigation is added to the encounter. The cost of the investigation ordered is displayed as well.

4. Now in order to see more details, just click on the amount displayed against the investigation or the service. This will open up the Bill Estimation window. This gives the complete breakup of the total amount that is displayed at the top of the EMR screen.

5. The most interesting feature of this window is that in case if you want to change the price for a service or investigation ordered, then this can be done from this window. Simply clicking on the amount, the price becomes editable | Next enter the desired amount. Once the necessary changes are complete, you can save and have the reception bill the patient or check out and print the prescription or simply checkout and bill.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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