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Why are there no checkboxes in Casesheets

A Checkbox can have only 2 values, its either ON or OFF. This can lead to automatic data being entered without any user input. Let’s see an example.

As part of your intake form you want to ask your Patients about Chronic Medical History Conditions such as

_“Do you have Diabetes”_

What happens if you put a checkbox next to this question

If the patient answers in affirmative and you check on the box, that’s fine. But what if the Patient does not have diabetes – well you leave the checkbox untouched, which means “No”, patient does not have Diabetes.

Well here is the problem, what if, if you had a busy day and did not get a chance to ask the question, so you left it untouched, which now means “No Patient does not have diabetes.” This can lead to an incorrect diagnosis.

An EMR should prevent human errors, and provide contextual information to assist in the process of assessment. This is why we have eliminated options that can lead to an error in Clinicea Casesheets. No checkboxes here.

So what is the alternative

Instead you can put a combobox, with options of

Blank (default)



So if the patient does not answer the question or you do not ask it, the answer to “Do you have Diabetes”, remains blank, which is not the same as No.

Updated on: 07/06/2023

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